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What Happened to Saturn?
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What happened to Saturn?

After just 15 years General Motors and the United Auto Workers abandoned their world famous and often copied union-management partnership to go back to their traditional national contract. What happened?

Union Democracy

Two basic American labor laws – the Wagner Act and the Landrum-Griffin Act – give workers the right to form unions and some tools to try to keep those unions honest. But some are dissatisfied with how the laws work.

Loose Bolts?

A classic study of dissatisfied workers turning out products with major flaws.

Crisis Bargaining

When New York City emerged from bankruptcy, all its municipal unions wanted to make up for the hard times they'd suffered. The problem was that the city was almost broke.


Hard times in North America's rust belt changed an old union tradition. Instead of negotiating for more in each new contract, the time came for a proud and progressive union to settle for less.

Unions in Crisis

Are North American unions destined to fade away, or can the unions reform in time to save themselves?

Working Together: Saturn and the UAW

General Motors and the union created a new kind of working relationship and a new kind of car company, from the ground up.

Partners: Bethlehem Steel and the United Steelworkers

The U.S. steel industry was in deep trouble, and hundreds of thousands of American steelworkers were out of a job. Then the union came up with a proposal.

Troubled Partnerships: When Labor and Management Can't Make It Work

Management and labor sometimes find that working jointly isn't so easy.

Struggling Unions

Once, unionized workers were paid substantially more in wages and benefits than non-union workers; but now the margin is smaller. Are unions now an endangered social institution? Or can unions revive?

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