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What Happened to Saturn?
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What happened to Saturn?

After just 15 years General Motors and the United Auto Workers abandoned their world famous and often copied union-management partnership to go back to their traditional national contract. What happened?

Rustbelt Phoenix: Saving the American Steel Industry tells the dramatic story of how the United Steelworkers, faced with the bankruptcy of two of its largest employers, LTV and Bethlehem, found someone to buy the companies to save jobs and keep the industry from moving abroad.

Partners: Bethlehem Steel and the United Steelworkers

The U.S. steel industry was in deep trouble, and hundreds of thousands of American steelworkers were out of a job. Then the union came up with a proposal.

Troubled Partnerships: When Labor and Management Can't Make It Work

Management and labor sometimes find that working jointly isn't so easy.

Working Together: Saturn and the UAW

General Motors and the union created a new kind of working relationship and a new kind of car company, from the ground up.

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