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"If you don't change, then you will be out of business."

- Reid Rundell, former executive VP, Saturn Corp.

Mike Bennett - Picture

"I think the system of labor relations not only can be improved, it must be improved if America is going to compete in the 21st Century."

- Mike Bennett, President, UAW Local 1853

Running Time:
31 Minutes

The United Auto Workers and General Motors were partners in the planning and creation of Saturn when the new division began. In this 31-minute video, the two chief negotiators, Don Ephlin from the UAW and Reid Rundell from GM, tell how America’s most famous partnership developed. The give and take at a weekly team meeting and interviews with assembly-line workers, union officers, and line managers show how the partnership functioned in its golden age. Critics like Victor Reuther tell why they opposed the partnership.

"A dynamic video for discussion in management classes. It raises a host of significant and lively issues for discussion, and the video does this in a most equitable way."
- Stephen Fuller, Professor of Management, University of Ohio

"This documentary presents in a most competent and worthwhile way a very significant step ... taken by the world's largest manufacturing corporation."
- Jaroslav Vanek, Professor of Economics, Cornell University

"A most interesting summary of one of the most important new labor- relationship management models of the past 20-30 years in the auto industry."
- David Cole, Director, Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation, University of Michigan

"An excellent video ... It shows how the most advanced methods of labor- management cooperation and quality improvement can create a world-class result."
- John Simmons, Labor Consultant, Participation Associates, Chicago

4 Star RatingRating -- "No punches are pulled in explaining that historically GM had a reputation for being a very hard-nosed employer that treated its employees like robots, disciplined them harshly, and was willing to endure a very costly strike in lieu of compromising over a difference of a single penny per hour in wages."
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