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"Based on my experience in the Teamsters, the only way we're going to save the union . . . is through a democratic mobilization of the members. We're not talking about cleaning up the union, we're talking about saving the union." - Ken Paff

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Running Time:
30 Minutes

The Wagner Act guarantees American workers the right to decide by secret ballot if they want a union to represent them. The Landrum-Griffin Act gives union members the right to select their officers in free elections. This 30-minute video uses historical footage and election case studies under the Wagner and Landrum-Griffin acts to show how both laws work.

Victor Reuther, one of the founders of the United Auto Workers, recalls the campaign to organize the Ford Motor Company, while we're watching archival footage of that struggle. Chip Yablonski, whose father was murdered in the struggle to clean up the United Mine Workers, recalls that campaign and evaluates the effectiveness of Landrum-Griffin. Case studies cover attempts to organize a textile plant in North Carolina and to replace the leadership of a Boilermakers local. The video concludes with discussions of what reforms might lead to the revival of the American labor movement.

"An excellent film on union democracy. It asks the right questions of the right people."
--William Kornblum, Professor of Sociology, Graduate School of the City of New York

"An important contribution to educating union members to the democratic principles that are embodied in the labor movement."
--John Russo, Labor Studies Coordinator, Youngstown State University

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