The bargaining table - Picture

The bargaining table.

Keith Post - Picture

"It took us 44 years to get what we got, and we had to fight for everything that we got, and we ain't going to give up any of it."

- Keith Post, UAW convention delegate

Lee Iacocca - Picture

"We've come a long way together, and we've got to keep working."

- Lee Iacocca, Chrysler CEO

Running Time:
25 Minutes

F or half a century, the United Auto Workers demanded more at each contract negotiation - and got it. In 1982, after almost twelve months of agonizing bargaining, the union settled for less.

What was it like during that long year? How did the UAW, one of North America's most liberal and aggressive unions, convince its members that saving their jobs depended on accepting leaner contracts? This 25-minute video presents these negotiations from the points of view of management, the union, and rank-and-file workers.

Today, labor organizations in all of the major industrialized countries are trying to reconcile global competitiveness with equity for their members. Frequently, this means increasing productivity through union givebacks on work rules and benefits. What began in the American automobile industry has now spread to the world.

"An excellent film to stimulate discussion on the whole subject of givebacks."
--Donald Grunewald, Professor of Management, Iona College

"All told, Givebacks is an excellent work."
--Franklin J. Havliceck, Vice President of Industrial Relations, The Washington Post

"A remarkable grass-roots-style summary of upper-level negotiations between unions and management."
--Thomas Gregory Jr., Ironworkers Political Action Committee, Local 33, Rochester, NY

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